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ICAO: Air Cargo Safety Management (ACSM EN): Virtual Classroom


This course will provide personnel at Civil Aviation Authorities at the State level
with the competencies in establishing and maintaining a Dangerous Goods safety
programme to support the safe operation of aircraft. The competencies developed
will be integral to the effective implementation of a State Safety Programme.



After having successfully completed this course, the trainees will be able to:

  • Understand how the safe transport of cargo (including dangerous goods) is addressed by ICAO
    SARPs and a State Safety Programme.
  • Identify the State’s role and responsibilities in managing the safe transport of air cargo (including
    dangerous goods) and the supporting supply chain.
  • Apply safety management principles to improve safety performance of operations related to the
    transport of air cargo including dangerous goods.
  • Evaluate an operator’s capability to safely transport cargo by air (including dangerous goods).
  • Design a Dangerous Goods training programme that enables inspectors and managers to fulfill
    their roles and responsibilities to manage the safe transport of cargo.



This course is designed for current and prospective personnel at the State level involved in supporting the safe
transport of cargo (including Dangerous Goods) by air. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Personnel involved in oversight and administration of regulations
    to the transport of dangerous goods by air
  • Aviation Safety Inspectors
  • Dangerous Goods Specialists
  • Flight Operation Managers and Supervisor
  • Personnel at CAA supporting safety risk management
    activities associated with the safe operation of aircraft.



Duration: 5 Days / 30 Hours
Delivery Mode: Virtual Classroom
Language of Instruction: English



Successfully completed ICAO: Safety Management: Online

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ICAO: Air Cargo Safety Management (ACSM EN): Virtual Classroom
Duration: 5 Days / 30 Hours

THB 29,000

USD 1,000

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